Monday, March 28, 2011

We've Changed. We're Moving...!

So. There is a new web address, I think it's pretty hot. Actually, I think that the ladies who populate what looks sorta like a Punnet Square, look very amazing, Gorgeous, actually. SpecialGorgeous thanks to my ever incredible team of stylists; David Goveia - MUP Magi; John Goodhew for his exacting pre, post and always edit(ed) skills; Damian, Michelle, Laroe, Marissa...You Know What You Do!

Now, while I want you to know, what comes next may be a little controversial. In fact, if you have read this far, let's say that I am surprised somewhat. This little blog has also found a new home. Or web address. I am moving this love letter maker over to a WordPress site. There, I said it! I hope that you are still there, or here with me. 

So, for a few more days, when you click on GetMoreGorgeous, you will be pointed here. Only for a few more days though so don't get attached. 

More posts, More content, More bloggers, ALL MORE GORGEOUSLY.

bien tot



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

navigateSalon -

Tuesday's Best Haircut Award goes to Shaun Proulx. Fresh, Sharp, Succinct and Ever Gorgeous.

Monday, August 2, 2010

We Are Revamping Our Website - Stay Tuned is changing. We are revamping the website! It will be a few weeks before the new site is complete. But do not hesitate to visit the new pages, for you're all in for a fine surprise. A 10% discount of off all services for booking online. So easy. So nice. So Gorgeous, really.

Email, Call, Tweet, Ping, FB...We have thought of every little thing to make GettingYourGorgeous very hassle free.

This past summer, while Hot, has also been Amazing. Summer began sort of early with a Champagne&Coiffure Event in late May...An evening of BlowOuts and Bubbly. Oribe's Luxury Hair Care did double duty. While providing Shine, Control and Luxe. Cote 'Azur fragrance wafted out of the doors at navigate and scented the courtyard. As you might imagine, it was Gorgeous.

There is always more. Keep coming back here. There is no telling what you might read.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I think I may have to argue that...

... No, hair need not, necessarily, define one, though the for the legions of people for whom it does provide certain identity/definition thereof, it seems as though hair, in fact, may be defining. Alas, the blonding highlights, your manipulated body - it's comportment and composition, the (conscious) choices - or attachments that you utilize to present as you do in the world act contrarily to your "whole heartingly" position that "it is what's inside that defines us". What is inside us are the mechanics of living. Unless you are suggesting that it is bowels, a spleen or even a single kidney that you would prefer on the outside, say dangling from your head, then i see no recourse other than to desist in seeing your hairdresser and make swift and succinct amends with your gastro enterologist  tout suite.

Of course, if you would like to contemplate the unknown, the unseen ie., the mind, I am happy to engage in that discussion as well. Be certain though, if we were to wear our minds on the outside, on our heads, we would surely have so little to be attracted to. Thus Hair, as adornment, an expression of thinking, feeling, cognitive and perceiving parts is as good a signifier as to what propels, interests, motivates us as is the entrails of last nights supper.

And so much more Gorgeous.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Mindfulness